Incontinence Management Program

Incontinence undergarments
Incontinence gloves and wipes
Incontinence surface cleaning
incontinence odor control
incontinence laundry

There are over 25 million Americans who live with some form of urinary incontinence.
SourceOne Supply provides guidance for the management of incontinence with our Incontinence Management Program.

Our program addresses five separate components of an Incontinence Management Program: 1) Undergarments, 2) Gloves and Wipes, 3) Surface Cleaning, 4) Odor Control, and 5) Laundry.

This video provides a step-by-step guide to changing undergarments.


Gloves and Wipes

We recommend the use of powder-free, exam-grade gloves, as they go through a more rigorous testing for puncture-resistancy.

Surface Cleaning

FCS Glass Cleaner 17A

3M Flow Control = FCS Glass Cleaner & Protector - 17A
(Green Seal™ certified, no-rinse. Cost = $.30 per quart)

3m FCS Quat 25A

3M Flow Control = FCS HB Quat Disinfectant Cleaner - 25A
(No-rinse. Kills HBV, HIV, MRSA, VRE. Cost = $.06 per quart)

3M FCS Peroxide 34A

3M Flow Control = FCS Peroxide Cleaner - 34A
(Green Seal™ certified, light-duty daily use cleaner. Cost = $.13 per quart)

3M FCS 13A

3M Flow Control = FCS Deodorizer - 13A
(Fast-acting, neutral pH. Cost = $1.01 per quart)


Odor Control

Our comprehensive odor control product line assures fresh smelling indoor environments.

Nilium Water-Soluble Deodorant

Nilium™ Water-Soluble Deodorant
(can be added to liquid cleaners or dilute w/ water)

Bio-Enzymatic Urine Digester

Bio-Enzymatic Urine Digester
(immediately neutralizes odors, eliminates source, continues eliminating odor source)

Fresh Fusion Metered Aerosols

Fresh Fusion Metered Aerosols
(12 different scents, lasts 30 days, no messy build-up.)

Fresh Easy Room Freshener

Fresh Easy Room Freshener
(three different scents, 30-day air freshening, available in cases or per unit)

Toilet Bowl Clip

Fresh Eco Bowl Clip
(100% recyclable, will not dissolve or pollute water, use in toilet and non-toilet areas, lasts 30 days)